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The now now

Gorillaz. Musicien

Edité par Wea. France - 2018

Humility. Tranz. Hollywood. Kansas. Sorcererz. Idaho. Lake Zurich. Magic city. Fire flies. One percent. Souk eye.


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Demon Days | Gorillaz. Interprète

Demon Days

Gorillaz. Interprète | Musique audio | EMI Records. [S.l.] | P 2005

Intro. Last living souls. Kids with guns. O green world. Dirty Harry. Feel good inc.. El manana. Every planet we reach is dead. November has come. All alone. White light. Dare. Fire coming out of the monkey's head. Don't get lost ...

Gorillaz | Gorillaz. Interprète


Gorillaz. Interprète | Musique audio | EMI. [S.l.] | P 2001

Re-hash. 5/4 (five four). Tomorrow comes today. New genious (brother). Clint Eastwood. Man research (clapper). Punk. Sound check (gravity). Double bass. Rock the house. 19-2000. Latin Simone (que pasa contigo). Starshine. Slow cou...

Doggumentary | Snoop Dogg (1971-....)


Snoop Dogg (1971-....) | Musique audio | Capitol Records | 2011

Toyz n da hood. The way life used to be. My own way. Wonder what it do. My f**n house. Peer pressure. I don't need no b****. Patinum. Boom. We rest n cali. El lay. Gangbang rookie. This weed iz mine. Sweat (David Guetta remix). Ta...

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